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Aug 16, 2005
This fanfic i'm going to stick with unlike a couple of others i've done.
For the pics i'm using hero machine as I can not be bothered drawing and writing but thought a visual aid for characters would help.

so a preview of the new spider-man costume that will be used in my fan fic

The Phenomenal Spider-man

Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Chapter 1

A Rooftop. New York 2030. "Not so tough now are you spider-man." Kingpin laughed looking down at Spider-man. Once one of the biggest threats to kingpin's army of crime now laying at his feet. Kingpin may of gotten old but so had Spider-man. No longer the quick speedy spider-man but an old man trying to recapture his glory days.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker had warned Peter that he was too old to pull it off. He new it him self had been retired for 5 years. When he heard the kingpin was back spider-man thought this was it. His chance to prove he still had it.

Over the years some of his powers had been fading. When he fought kingpin he did not know that his Spider-sense had faded and it allowed one of his thugs to sneak up and shoot Spider-man in the back. After all the villains he had beaten like the Green Goblin it was just a normal everyday thug that had beaten spider-man!

Kingpin pulled out his gun and pointed at Spider-man's head. "Bye bye Spider-man" Kingpin laughed. As he whent to pull the tigger another gun was fired. The shot hit kingpin's hand knocking the gun out of his hand. King pin looked up to see S.H.I.E.L.D. agents standing there.

"You're under arrest." One of them told him. Paramedics ran to Spider-man. The lifted him up and placed him on a stretcher. The stretcher was loaded on to the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicopter. "H.. How D…Did You find me?" Spider-man spoke in pain almost passing out from the pain. "Let's just say that's some impressive wife you have there. She was able to track us down. An man you're age should not be doing this anymore." One of the female Paramedics said to Spider-man wife a reassuring smile.

The streets of New York 2036. "Man no one knows hot to hot wire a car like you." Bill told his friend Steve Smith. Steve just looked at him and smirked "That's nothing the night is still young." Steve told as he threw his cigarette out the window. The car started to rise from the ground and flew about 1ft off the ground down the road.

The car was a stylish Porsche turbo 2030. The car was all black and the shape of a dome. It had blacked out windows and had the state of the art Stark antigravity engine. The Stark antigravity engine was developed by Stark Industries. It allows cars to hover off the ground saving on the need for wheels.

The car zoomed down the road at 250 mph. They flew by a police car. The police officer started up his siren. "Be on the look out for an all black Porsche turbo 2030. Suspect is going over 200 mph." The police officer said in tto his radio starting pursuit. "Looks like the pig wants to play." Steve laughed.

Both cars were not slowing down both hovering above ground. "The Suspect just entered the kingdom. I'm pulling out." The officer told him turning around. The kingdom was code name for the part of the city kingpin owned.

After getting out jail kingpin ran for president of the united states. He won!. First thing he did after been president was to get rid of S.H.I.E.L.D. He then moved the whitehouse to New York and took over half the city. When his term was over it was too late the damage was already done. Half of new york was now a crim base that no police had authority in.

"Why did that cop turn away?" Bill asked. "We must be in the kingdom." Steve laughed. His laughter soon faded when the car came to a holt. It was topped by a man who just stuck out his hands and pushed the car till it stopped. "Who is that?" Bill asked.

They saw him. He was wearing a metal Rhino suit. "Oh crap. It's the rhino." Steve said looking out. This was not the same Rhino that spider-man had fought this was a guy who built a robotic Adamantium Rhino suit. He was the son of the first Rhino and works as one of kingpin's enforcers.

"This sardine can needs opening." Rhino laughed as he ripped open the roof and threw it away as if it was nothing. "Outsider's the boss will enjoy teaching you to stay out of out kingdom." Rhino laughed lifting them up by the necks.

He carried them inside the white house (still there as no one can remove it from there.) "Boss I got two outsider's here for you." He spoke to kingpin throwing them on the floor. A big chair turned around. Kingpin looked at them. He pulled out a gun and pointed it at Bill "tell me why should I let you live?" he asked.

With tears in his eyes Bill responded. "I have a wife and two kids. Please don't do this." he begged. Kingpin pulled the tigger. As blood from his own friend splattered on to Steve , He saw the kingpin point the gun at his face. "Same question." Kingpin told him.

Steve had no tears in his eyes he just confidently smirked "Because I'll be a ***** to get out of the carpet." Steve told him. Kingpin laughed. "I like that answer kid. Plus you show no fear. How would you like to work for me." Kingpin asked him. "I would love to work for you." Steve smirked at him.

Else where in New York the now handicapped Peter Parker was reading the news paper. "Last night the kingpin killed another person. His friend and him were joy riding and drove in to the kingdom. He was 19 that's it 19. He had a wife and children."Peter told his wife screwing up the newspaper.

"Don't get yourself worked up. I honestly believe that someone will stop him someday." She told him. "I know but Who? Even the X-men won't get involved as the Professor says that it's legal what he is doing and if a mutant was to stop him people would see them as law breaks and bring even more trouble to mutant kind." Peter told her.

"I know that there are very few heroes left but wait and see. Live by the sword dye by the sword. Every evil ruler eventually gets beat. It happened to Hitler and it'll happen to him." She smiled kissing his lips. "Just you wait and see tiger." She winked before walking in to the kitchen to make breakfast.
Peter wished he could get back out there and do something. Each day he did nothing to stop kingpin he felt like a piece of him died inside. Some nights he would pull out his scrap book of newspaper cuttings of photos he had taken of himself as spider-man and would cry himself to sleep. Something that would upset Mary Jane Watson-Parker every time she saw it.

Even if things seem ok between them now. They were having marriage problems. Peter wished he had died on that rooftop and blames his wife for calling S.H.I.E.L.D. A few times he would drink to feel anything and on occasion has hit his wife across the face. She would divorce him but feels guilty about it as ahe is all he has left and thinks that things will get better for them.

chapter 2 coming soon
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Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Chapter 2

"You're first assignment Steve is an easy one." kingpin smirked. "Rhino prepare him for project gamma." Kingpin laughed. "Sure thing boss." Rhino said lifting Steve up. He carried him in to a lab. "You know this is an honour you little punk. The boss has been trying to recreate the old hulk." Rhino told Steve as he put him in a glass tank.

"The hulk? I thought he was just something they made up to scare children in to behaving." Steve spoke from inside the tank. "Oh no the fact is the hulk was very real and you kid are going to be turned in to that monster" Rhino laughed.


"He has a temper that'll add to the hulk project." Kingpin laughed. "Ok start." Kingpin continued. One of the scientists flipped a switch. Green liquid filled the tank. The water started to bubble as Steve kicked and splashed.

"What if it fails?" Rhino asked. "Then kill him. I have no use for him." Kingpin said turning away and walking out. Rhino laughed. "It will be my pleasure." He laughed. A red light started flashing above the tank. "The experiment has failed." One of the scientists said flicking a switch to drain the tank.

"Good now I get to have fun." Rhino Laughed walking over to Steve who was lying down in the tank. "Wakey wakey Steve." Rhino said reaching to grab him. Steve rolled out the way of his hand and got to his feet fast. "Too slow tin head." Steve laughed making a run for the door.

"STOP HIM." Rhino shouted. As Steve punched a guard in the face. The guard fell to the floor and Steve bent over and stole his gun. "Thanks for the gun. No no don't worry there's no need to get up. I can let myself out." Steve said as he jumped down the stairs.

As he landed he rolled at the bottom before getting back up and kicking open the fire exit. Rhino was running after him. Steve was outside. He elbowed the window of the kingpin's personal rolls royce phantom Z2030.

He opened the door and jumped in. Rhino was getting closer. "Come on start." Steve said as he was trying to hotwire it. Just as Rhino got there the car lifted from the ground and drove off at 200mph. "DAMN IT." Rhino shouted. The car continued down the road. Kingpin's men started shooting at it. One of the bullets managed to clip the bottom of the Stark antigravity engine. The car hit the floor fast and sided down the road. Sparks flew from the car as it was scraping the road.

Steve had no Idea how close he came to been caught as the car stopped just outside of the Kingdom. He had made it. He opened up the door and ran through the back alleys. "Kingpin is not going to like this." One his men said knowing Steve had escaped.

Else where Peter Parker was sat in his apartment with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a shot glass in another. The door opened. M.J had returned from work. "Where the hell have you been you stupid *****. Out calling more people to ruin my life. You already put me in a wheel chair for life what you going to do next make me blind." Peter slurred his words as he spoke.

"I was out working so we can keep a roof over our head and food on our table." She told him scared when ever Peter was in this state. "Oh yeah rub it in. You can work and I can't even walk. Make you feel big does it? DOES IT?" Peter shouted throwing the bottle at her. The bottle hit her in the head and knocked her to the floor.

As she stood up she had a cut on her head where the bottle hit her. She started crying and walking out the door. Peter saw she was bleeding. "Oh god what have I done. What I have become." He cried .

Out side M.J was on her cellphone "Hello….yeah it happened again….Ok meet me at the starbucks down the street." She cried down the phone as she walked down the stairs. The way Peter acted to her had drover to have an affaire.

She walked into starbucks and over to the table were a man was reading a newspaper. "Hey." She said softly. He removed the newspaper and looked at her. "Hey." he smiled a little. The man was no normal man. His name was Logan or you might know him better as Wolverine!

In another part of the city Steve was hiding in an alley. "Ahhhh." he said shaking his hand. He looked down at his hand. While he was not paying attention an ordinary spider had crawled on to his hand and bit him.

Steve felt weird. The bite from the spider was mixing with traces of gamma the Kingpin's hulk project had left in his blood. He fell to the floor and looked up panting. He could feel his body changing yet staying the same. The world around him looked different yet it had not changed in a single way.

He managed to get to his feet and shook his head. He wiped the dirt off the clothes he had stolen. When he was put in the tank he was stripped before hand now he had on baggy black jeans. A black bandanna. Black leather fingerless gloves , a black t-shirt with the words "Star Wars Episode IX" on it and finally a long black leather trench coat.

"I know I shouldn't be doing this and I feel guilty for it but the man I loved died on that rooftop." M.J spoke with her hands over Logan's. "Say the word and I'll rip him apart for hurting you." He told her removing one hand from her's and showing his claws as he spoke. "No. Please do not hurt him. Things will change I know it. He just needs something he can put his heart in to like he did when he was Spider-man." she told him.
Logan leaned in and placed a kiss on her lips. As he went to move his head away she put her hand behind his head and returned the kiss. She felt a love inside her as they kissed but it was not the same love she once had for Peter. Logan knew she was using him to feel better and the love she felt was not real. But the fact is he had fallen for her and even if she was using him he felt it was better than her not even been his the least.

Steve was walking the streets. Unable to make sense of what had happened. He turned to a window of a store. Inside was a television. On the TV was a picture of him. His heart pounded when he saw the news report. He was been blamed for murdering Bill! As well as that he was been blamed for some other crimes that Kingpin's men had done. He was a fugitive.

Then heard a police siren. "I escaped the police to get caught by kingpin to escape kingpin to get caught by the police. Irony's *****" he said to him self. He tried to run from the police but more cars were moving in. He was surrounded.

One of police officer's pulled out a gun and pulled the trigger. As the bullet flew towards Steve he could sense it's movement and jumped up on to avoid the bullet. The bullet missed. Steve however looked down. He was sticking to a wall!. He turned towards the wall and started to crawl up it.

Peter was sat in front of the TV. Something came on that would shock him and change things forever. "This just in. Spider-man has returned. Police believe that Spider-man framed Steve Smith. He is a video that proves Spider-man is back but for some reason he has no costume on. We were unable to get a clear of shot of his face but here is the video." the news reporter spoke.

The video showed Steve crawling up walls to avoid police. Before finally losing them across rooftops. "Impossible." Peter thought to himself. Steve was also watching the news report on a TV inside a local bar. "Who the hell is Spider-man?" He thought to himself. He would need to know who the other person was who had his powers who knows maybe they could teach him how to use his powers.

Chapter 3 coming soon
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

I think it's cool how you are re-booting the Spider-Man story. That's what I am doing too in my fanfic: Excellent Spider-Man.


I'm trying to make it kind of like batman beyond with an Old spider-man teaching the new one but I tryied to add more drama to everyones life. And I threw wolverine in to part 2 just because of the " Anyone think how annoying it is Wolverine pops up EVERYWHERE?" thread which ironicly i think You made :lol:
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.


I'm trying to make it kind of like batman beyond with an Old spider-man teaching the new one but I tryied to add more drama to everyones life. And I threw wolverine in to part 2 just because of the " Anyone think how annoying it is Wolverine pops up EVERYWHERE?" thread which ironicly i think You made :lol:

Actually, I did make that thread. I will forgive this once though.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

This chapter is kind of boring i'll admit but I thought we needed nearly everything in it as it was important to story.

Chapter 3

Steve had decided to look up information of Spider-man at the library. He was sat in the library booth. Libraries have changed a lot since our time of dusty books. Now you have a booths that you sit in you tell the computer what you want to read (E.g "Lord of the rings") and the computer shows you a picture. You say if it is correct and then book is beamed in to your mind. Entire books enjoyed in the space of a minute.

"Computer I want to read all newspaper articles regarding Spider-man." Steve told it. All the Spider-man info was been beamed in to his head. He knew everything the papers said and he could not believe it. Spider-man was a menace.

The truth is Spider-man was a hero but as we all know he was dubbed "Menace" by J. Jonah Jameson the editor of the Daily Bugle. Ironically that's where Peter Parker worked taking pictures of … himself! So in a way he helped the hatred of Spider-man spread like a forest fire.

"That's weird. A lot of Spiderman's enemies had a connection to Peter Parker. He also was the only guy who took those photos of spider-man. So he was always there when Spider-man got attacked. He must have been working for one of Spiderman's enemies. My money is on the kingpin. " Steve thought to himself.

He lifted up a panel on the computer and saw a security key set. "Now let's see if I remember how to do this." He said to himself. He pressed in the following combination "08 15 1968" for some reason that was an important sequence of numbers..

"Access granted." The computer said. "Ok computer I need all files on Peer Parker including current address and medical records." Steve said. The computer bleeped and a red beam of light appeared from the computer to Steve's head.

All the information was in Steve's brain. "Ok I was wrong. I think Peter Parker was Spider-man. He was paralysed with a bullet in the back the same day Spider-man was shot in the back on the roof top. How did no one figure THAT out?" he said to himself.

"Computer log off." Steve told the computer standing up. As he walked from the library he had one goal. To find Peter Parker and get him to teach him about been Spider-man. After all he had the power why not use it? But of course the main reason was he wanted Kingpin dead.

Back at Peter's house Mary Jane walked in from her date with Wolverine. "M.J you are not going to believe this. Guess who's back?" Peter told her. She could see he had sobered up and was speaking with passion. It reminded her of the old Peter.

"Who?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. "Spider-man! On the news there's a new person in town with powers like mine! If I can find him I might be able to teach him a thing or two. I could be like his Yoda." Peter smiled. "Even after all this time you still make a Star wars reference." She laughed.

"Of course." He laughed. "Seriously thou Peter good luck. I can tell your excited about this so if I can help in anyway let me know." She smiled at him. Their convocation was cut short by a knocking on the door.

Mary Jane opened the door. Stood in the door was Steve. "Hello. I'm looking for Peter Parker." Steve told her. "Come in he's right over there." She said pointing to Peter. "Hi Mr Parker. You don't know me. My name is Steve Smith. I need to talk to you." He told him.

"What do you need to talk about?" Peter asked him. "Spider-man." Steve told him. "Who are you?" Peter Asked rolling his wheelchair back a bit. "I was on the news resonantly. The police thought I was Spider-man." He explained.

"Can you prove it?" Peter asked not sure if this was for real. Steve jumped up and flipped in the air. His feet touched the ceiling. He stayed there upside down. "Need anymore proof?" Steve said in a sarcastic tone.

Steve jumped back down to the floor as he landed his leather trench coat looked like a cape flapping. "Well what would you like to learn?" Peter asked a little in shock he had no expected to find the new Spider-man for months let alone for him to turn up at his door.

"Well how did you get your powers? Why were you called a menace in the papers yet personal accounts show you save the day many times. I just want to learn your story." Steve told him looking at Peter. Peter took a moment before smiling.

"My story starts off as I was an orphan when I was just a kid. I went to live with my Aunt May and Uncle Ben. I was a shy kid in to science and things like that. A nerd or a geek you might say. My love of science lead to me been Spider-man. I was at a demonstration for a new technology that used radiation.

The technology was generating a beam of radiation. It was sight to see. For a science geek like me it was Christmas and Disney world all at once. A spider somehow got in the way of radiation. It landed on my hand and bit me.

I felt sick. I felt like I was going to collapse. A ran out of the building as fast as could. I wanted to get home as fast as I could. A car which had wheels back then almost hit me. I guess I should have been paying attention to the road. Without thinking I jumped up high. Next I knew I was sticking to a building!" Peter told him.

"That's similar to what happened to me. Only replace car with bullet." Steve said sitting down in a chair next to Peter. Mary Jane smiled "This is just what he needed." She thought to herself. "Yeah but unlike you I didn't track down any heroes to teach me what to do." Peter told him. "What did you do?" Steve asked.

"Well after I realised I had gained the Powers of a Spider. I wanted what every teenager wants fame , fortune and girls. So I set out to become a professional wrestler. I defeated Crusher Hogan. The Crusher Hogan you know what an amazing feat that was? But anyway I was on my way. I was kind of a celebrity.

It was the day of my television special that changed my world. The TV station had a thief. A thief that I allowed to escape after all it wasn't my problem. That thief was my problem. I let him go and …… he ….he …. Killed my uncle Ben. I should of stopped him." Peter stopped for a moment to wipe tears from his eyes. All these years and it was still a sore subject.

"Like my Uncle use to say With great power there must also come great responsibility. I remembered that realised I had a great power. It was time to face up to my responsibilities. And so I dedicated my life to crime fighting.

But crime fighting does not pay the bills. Me and my Aunt were desperate for money and I mean desperate. I needed a job. The Daily Bugle needed photos I needed cash and so I took a job as a photographer.

Now why was I called Menace? Simple J. Jonah Jameson was a bastard. He figured turning me in to the most hated man alive sold papers so why not. I wish I had told him I was Spider-man just to see the look on his face.

That's pretty much it. I fought villains and criminals risking my life so people could hate me and I could make very low money. It sucked but you know what? The feeling you get helping people was enough to please me. I miss it." Peter told him.

"So will you teach me?" Steve asked. Peter looked at him. "I'll do more than that. You need a place to stay?" Peter asked him. "Yes I do but I couldn't ask you that." Steve told him. "Do not mention it. As long as you eventually get a job you can stay on the couch. Oh and one more thing." Peter said rolling his wheelchair in to the bedroom. He came back with a big suitcase. He opened it slowly. Inside was his old costume and Webshooters.

"Your uniform. Modify it if you want. Go try it on." Peter said. He sounded like a child at Christmas. "Thank you Mr Parker." Steve said walking in to their bedroom to change. While he was in there Mary Jane looked at Peter "Are you sure you trust him enough to let him move in?" She asked. "Yes I do." He replied.

Steve walked out. He was dressed in the costume but he had ripped the mask off it so it looked more like what a ninja would wear over his mouth. On his head he had his black bandana. The gloves were also removed. He had put his fingerless leather gloves on instead. Over the costume he wore his long black trench coat.

"It's different I'll give you that." Peter said. "Well no offence but Your costume had too much blue and red. I'm more of a black type of guy." Steve smirked under his half mask. "Besides this one looks more bad ***." He continued giving a little chuckle.

"I think he looks pretty good. It's original costume but something people today would wear." Mary Jane added. "He likes black. He would of loved the old Symbiote costume." Peter laughed. "That's not funny." Mary Jane replied she had always hated the black costume. Even his none Symbiote one as it reminded her of Venom.

"What's that?" Steve asked pointing to the Webshooters. "That is the most important thing you'll ever get given. It's a Webshooter. I made them myself. It basically allows you to swing around the city. Stop foes. Along with a lot of over uses. After all a spider needs webs." Peter told him.

Chapter 4 coming soon

Anyone besides Gamma Man like this story?

and Gamma Man thank you for your forgivness lol
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Chapter 4

After two weeks of hard training. Steve was ready to go out as Spider-man. "Good luck out there kid." Peter told him. "You don't need luck if you're this good." Steve laughed. He extended his hand so the back of the hand face the floor. He then pressed his middle and the finger next to the middle next to the pinky down.

Both fingers touched the inside of the palm where the trigger was for his Webshooter. It released a stream of webbing that looked kind of like spaghetti as it touched the side of a building he jumped out of Peter's window holding on to the webbing.

He swung through the air. Mary Jane looked at Peter "That is a sight I never thought we would see again. Are you ok?" She asked putting her hand on his shoulder. "Yeah I'm fine just alittle weird seeing spider-man swing off knowing it's someone else. The next generation of friendly neighbourhood Spider-man." He smiled.

Steve came to a stop on top of a really tall Skyscraper he looked around. The city looked so beautiful from up high. He could see it all then he looked over to the Kingdom. It looked darker and dirtier than the rest of what he could see. "Soon Kingpin your fat *** is going down. You will pay for what you did to Peter , The way you killed my friend and everything you did to me." Steve said to himself.

He heard a police siren. "That's my sign." He said jumping of the building. His head pointed towards the floor as he did a nose dive from the top. Air flowing in to his body the floor getting closer and closer. It was a feeling no one would feel but him. Before he hit the floor he fired webbing up at a building and swung towards where the siren was.

From that high up he should not of been able to hear the siren but the sound was louder than normal meaning the treat was very dangerous. He swung closer and closer wondering what the treat was. "What ever it is Spidey it's the perfect way to test out your skills." He said to himself.

Elsewhere Mary Jane had gone out and was eating a McKing (burgerking and Mcdonalds merged companies in 2012.) with Logan. Even thou things were getting better with Peter She could not break up with Logan.

"Hey Logan let's go somewhere a little quieter I know a good Motel near by." Mary Jane smiled looking at Logan. Logan gave a slight smile "Sure." He said quietly in a dark voice. She smiled and walked out to her car. Logan followed.

Steve saw the police had surrounded an old warehouse. "Ok I just go in kick *** come out and everyone loves me. I'll be a hero." Steve Smiled under his costume. The police saw Spider-man swing over the top of them and crash through the window.

"What the hell was that?" Asked one of the officers. "It looked kind of like Spider-man but he's dressed different." Another officer said. "He better be working with that freak inside no matter who he is or we will be drawing a Spider-man shaped chalk mark." Another officer told them.

"Ok who ever you are put you hands up and I wont have to hurt you." Steve said. "What was that you little punk!" A voice said. The voice was a familiar one. One that haunted Steve's nightmares since he escaped the Kingdom. It was Rhino!

He saw the outline of a giant Rhino coming towards him. "Well what do we have here? A little punk dressed up like the amazing Spider-Man" Rhino laughed. "Not just dressed like him. I am Spider-man." Steve said.

Steve pulled back his fist and punched Rhino in the chest as hard as he could. "Seriously Oww." Steve said holding his hand. "I think it's broke." Steve continued. "It's called Adamantium dumb-***." Rhino laughed picking up Steve by the neck.

Steve kicked his legs as he was in Rhino's grip. "Let's see if the bug can fly." Rhino laughed pulling back his arm and throwing Steve as if he was a football. Steve flew through the air and crashed through a wall. He landed on the front of a Police car. The impact smashed the Police car window and put a huge dint in the front.

Steve slowly got to his feet. "I don't think there is a single part of my body that doesn't hurt." Steve said before walking back to the warehouse. He walked back through the knocked down part of the wall.

"Want some more?" Rhino Laughed. Steve shot his webbing so it made a big white ball that hit Rhino in the face. Rhino roared in rage as he tried to remove the webbing. It was covering his vision in his robotic suit.

Steve then looked around for something to use. There was nothing that would work. Steve then saw some electric cables. "Electric plus big giant robot. This will either stop him or make him stronger." he thought to himself. He walked over to the Wire and picked it up by the covered part.

"Hey Mr horny." Steve said. Rhino removed the webbing and saw Steve. "Now this is going to hurt." Steve told him as he made the cable touch the Rhino suit. The suit started to shake as the electricity flowed through the cable and in to the suit.

The suited started to smoke and flew backwards. It smashed through the wall and to the street out side. Steve followed him out side. "I know what your thinking a punk like me beat you. Shocking!" Steve laughed at his little pun.

Rhino started to move. "Oh you have to be ****ing kidding me!" Steve said as he saw Rhino stand up. The suit looked damaged wires hung out of it. The face part looked cracked. "You are going to pay for that." Rhino said. "Oh rhino hang your head in shame. You just said a huge villain cliché. I mean come on that's right up there with I'll get you next time and the villain trademark laugh." Steve told him.

"Shut up bug boy." Rhino said starting to get mad. "Well technically a spider is a arachnid not bug but I can see how a big dumb ugly mother …." Steve was Interrupted by Rhino punching him in the face.

The force of the punch knocked spider-man to the side till he was hanging of the near by dock. Rhino was running towards him. "I can't do it I give up. Let him hurt people it's not my responsibility." Steve said closing his eyes.

"With great power there must also come great responsibility." He remembered Peter telling him that. His eyes opened and using his feet he kicked up in the air flipping up and landing on his feet. "Bring it on." He told Rhino.

Rhino attempted to punch him again. Steve jumped over Rhino and stepped back before putting all of his strength behind one kick. His foot hit the back of Rhino's head. It hurt but he knew what he was doing.

He put enough strength in to it to knock Rhino over. Been near the edge of the dock Rhino fell in the water. "Wow If I was you I would hate to be wearing a big damaged Rhino electric powered suit." Steve laughed.

Rhino Screamed in pain as the wires that were exposed were giving him a huge electrical shock as the suit sank under water. He had done it He had defeated Rhino. As we know Adamantium is pretty much unbreakable so there was no chance he got out the suit. I know what your thinking then how did his suit damage? Simple the screws were made out of steel so when the electricity went through him at the wear house the screws came out!

Steve quickly fired a web and swung out of there. In case the police wanted to arrest him which they did. He stopped on a rooftop near by to see what was going on. "You did good Spider-man." A woman's voice said.

He turned around to see a woman with very pale skin , Long black hair and dressed in a pair of thigh high leather black boots , a tight black leather mini skirt and a black corset looking at him. "Who are you?" Steve asked. "My name is Trisha." She smiled. "Why were you watching me?" He asked. "A girl can't revel all her secrets now can she." She winked at him.

She pulled down the mask over his mouth and placed a kiss on his lips. "See you around." She whispered in his eye before running and jumping off the roof. Stve quickly moved to the edge and looked down. She had gone. "Ok that was weird." He said as put his mask back up.

Who was that woman? A question that would be on Steve's mind. One thing was clear thou she had a big secret. When that secret was reviled it would change everything! But that's another story. Steve managed to get back to the Parker's house.

His face looked bruised. He spat blood on the floor. Rhino had knocked out one of his teeth when he hit him. "How did you do?" Peter asked him. "You know Rhino?" Steve saiid. "The knew Rhino yeah I've heard of him. Kingpins unbeatable monster." Peter replied. "I killed him.." Steve said throwing his mask on the floor and walking in to the bathroom.

"You killed him!" Peter said in shock. "Yeah just like I'm going to do when I get my hands on kingpin." Steve replied as he was getting changed. He walked out in his normal clothes. "You can not just kill kingpin. Send him jail sure but do not take his life." Peter told him.

"Why? Because he wanted to let you live when he got you shot in the back and had a gun to your head? Or he was so forgiving when he put a bullet through my friends head." Steve told him. "No because it's the right thing to do." Peter told him.

"Look Peter you are not my farther and I am not you. I'm not the friendly neighbourhood Spider-man. If you're trying to kill me I'm sure as hell going to kill you first. We grew up differently Peter.

You grew up with loving aunt and uncle. I grew up with a dead beat dad and mother who was a prostitute. Living at home was bad for me I ran away at just 9 years old. I survived on the street by stealing , mugging and a lot of stuff you would see as morally wrong.

I know how it works. I get kingpin arrested he will get out and come after me or his men will come after me when he is jail. Now Peter I need to know can you accept that I am different to you? If not I'll leave now and you can find another Spider-man." Steve told him.

"I get it I do I just don't want you to go down the path of darkness." Peter told him. Steve nodded before turning to the door."Where you going?" Peter asked. "To find me a job." he told Peter before walking out the door.

Chapter 5 coming soon.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Chapter 5

Mary Jane woke up to see Logan zipping up his jeans. He did not look at her before he walked out the hotel room. Tears filled up in her eyes as she sobbed in to the pillow. Last night she given herself to him completely in a very passionate but loving act of sex.

Now he just walked away. A part of her knew the truth. Logan was in love with her but when they had sex it was like he had done what he wanted to. Now he didn't care. He walked out side and got on his motorbike. "Goodbye." He said as his bike drove off.
His bike still had wheels. Most bikes did not and acted like the cars but Logan kept his classic Harley davidson. Deep down it was not that he did not care but the opposite. He cared so much but had been hurt so many times that he wouldn't risk getting hurt again. Which is exactly what would happen now Peter was more like old self.

In the kingdom Kingpin looked at one of his men. "Spider-man is back and he beat Rhino." Kingpin looked angry but also had a look of fear about him. "I must stop him before he comes for me. It's time to do something even I will regret. Get me the Green Goblin." Kingpin said. "Sir the Green Goblin. Don't you think that's over kill? Yes he is the best bounty hunter around but remember what he did to daredevil?" Kingpins assistant said with a look of real terror on his face.

"Yes. He slaughtered him. There was barely enough left to fit in a match box. I know he is overkill but if Spider-man is back I want him stopped now." Kingpin told his assistant. His assistant nodded before walking off.

The green goblin in this time is not the same Halloween mask wearing psycho Spider-man fought. A few years before Oscorp was sold to a man named Burt Hogan. Burt Hogan was an inventor who helped Stark Industries make the Stark antigravity engine.

He accident stumbled upon the old Green Goblin hideout. He was amazed by the technology in the Goblin Glider it used very similar technology to the Stark antigravity engine that was created year and years after the Glider.

After that he was obsessed with Norman Osborn Jr. he studied Norman's life and was determined that he would crack the secrets of The Green Goblin. He tried to recreate the chemical formula that created the Green Goblin.

The solution turned green and exploded. Now when that happened for Norman he gained increased intelligence and strength but still looked the same. What happened to Burt was unique. His skin mutated and turned green. His clothes ripped as his muscle mass and height increased.

When he looked in the mirror he saw he had become an actual green goblin. Using his intelligence and the blueprints of Norman's Glider design he created purple armour and a purple jet pack.

The jet pack also had built in homing missiles that he could use to destroy his foes. His other weapons were just as impressive a laser sword capable of cutting through metal like butter. Even Adamantium!!. He also had Golden disks that cut a person clean in half and the new transformation made him able to create fireballs with his hand and throw them at people.

He was not an evil man. He knew that world would not accept him the way he was and so he turned to crime fighting. After the police blamed him for the death of an officer the people hated him. So he stopped helping and became a bounty hunter / Assassin. He would take any job for cash. Even killing the innocent.

Under Oscorp he hid way in the Goblin Hideout. The rang. The Green Goblin picked it up. "What do you want? ……. Kingpin wants spider-man dead. After I saw a news report on spider-man the other day I thought he would hire me. Only I thought it would be sooner…….1 million dollars. That's more than I normally charge. Tell kingpin consider it done." The Green Goblin's deep voice said down the phone.

He walked over to his jet pack and picked it up. As the jet pack lowered on his body he laughed. "1 million to kill Spider-man. No problem" he said to himself. With the green goblin on the job our hero had better be careful.

Back in the city. Steve was looking for work. "Help me Help me." He heard a woman's voice scream from down an Alley. Steve looked at the alley and ran down it to save the woman in trouble. When he got there he saw no one.

He felt cold hands cover his eyes "Guess who." a woman whispered in his ear. Steve turned around to see Trisha looking at him. "You!." He said looking at her. "Me." She said smiling at him. "I thought you were in trouble." Steve told her.

"Me? No way. Don't go getting you webs in a twist." She winked at him. "What?" Steve said looking at her. "I know your Spider-man." She laughed. "How?" he asked her. "Let's say you have your secrets I have mine." She said leaning in and placing a kiss on his cheek.

"You want to go for a coffee or something?" Steve asked her. "Not now. Meet me on the roof of club Z tonight at 9." She told him. Steve turned away for second as he herd a bang from behind a dumpster.

When he turned back she was gone. "How does she do that?" he asked himself before walking out the alley. His quest for a job continued. All day he looked but all he could think of was Trisha. There was something about her that he couldn't resist and it was not just the fact she incredibly sexy (but that didn't hurt either.)

Marry Jane returned home. "Hey honey …" Peter said before been interrupted by her putting her finger on his lips. "Shhhhh. Come with me tiger." She said quietly to him. He did not know it but she wanted to hurt Logan for how he left her and was going to use Peter to do it.

Revenge sex. She wanted to make sure next time Logan came calling she smelled of Peter and nothing else. Yes it was a wrong thing to do but after the years of abuse by Peter she had finally reached a point where she was not going to let anyone hurt her again.

"So you think this is place for you to work Mr Smith?" The new owner of the Daily Bugle told him. "Yes I do I think Photography is the thing for me." Steve told him. "Well I'll make you a deal kid. Bring me a picture of the new Spider-man and I'll give you a job. No one can get a clear picture of him." Hank Henry Harrison or H. Henry Harrison as most called him told Steve.

Photography always seemed dull to Steve until Peter had told him he use to get paid to take pictures of himself. Steve shuck H. Henry Harrison's hand and said. "Thank you. I promise I'll bring you a good picture." He told him before walking back to Peter's.

Above the city mini cameras were flying through the air. The Green Goblin was in the Goblin hideout watching a giant TV. The TV separated in to lots of screens each showing a different camera's video.

Back at Peter's Steve walked in and started getting ready to meet Trisha. When he was ready he put on his Spider-man costume and grabbed Peter's camera. He left a note telling Peter why he was taking it. He swung through the city on his way to meet Trisha. As he was swinging one of the cameras spotted him. Steve's head felt like it was going to explode but he kept swinging trying to ignore the feeling.

"Got you in my sights now Spider-man." The green goblin said while getting up from his chair. Steve looked around but could see the camera. "That's weird I wonder why my Spider-sense was going off." he thought to himself.

He flipped in the air while pulling out the camera. He set the timer on it and webbed it to the wall. He then hung up side down looking at the camera. Click the camera went off. "Perfect." he said as he made it to the rooftop.

"Hey Trisha." Steve said as he landed next to her on the roof. "Hey Spidey." She looked serious. "What's wrong?" He asked her. "I have a confession to make but I feel you will judge me for me for it." She told him. "I wont." He told her.

"Good because I think I love you and I want to be honest. I'm …" She started to confess but was Interrupted. A missile flew towards them. As she was Speaking Steve grabbed her and swung trying to escape. The missile hit the building and made a big explosion.

Steve managed to swing but the blast still hit him from behind. She fell on to a roof top near by and saw Steve land on the floor of the road. As he lay there another missile was heading towards him. "NOOOOOOOOO." Trisha screamed as she was too far away to do anything.

Coming Soon Part 6

heres a picture of the green goblin

Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Chapter 6

Steve's spider sense started up. The missile got closer and closer. The missile's journey only took a matter of seconds but I'm slowing it down so you can know what happened. Steve lifted up his hand and fired webbing at building pulling himself up fast. The missile hit the floor and the Explosion destroyed the concrete road.

The blast it's self got Spider-man again knocking him to the floor. This time it hit him harder than before. It burnt and destroyed most of his costume. He lay on the floor looking lifeless. Trisha looked at the destroyed building and the crater in the floor where the missiles hit. "Who would do this?" She thought.

Her question was quickly answered when the green goblin landed on the floor looking at spider-man. He walked over to his target and kicked Steve's side gently like a cat toying with a mouse. Steve grabbed the goblin's foot pulled him over.

As the Goblin hit the floor Steve got his feet. The Goblin stood up as well. He pulled a weird looking cylinder off his belt. As he pressed a button a red laser beam created a sword blade. It was his laser sword.

"Cool sword." Steve told him. "Thanks I made it myself."Goblin replied. "Really? Cool. So why you after me." Steve asked. "I am the green goblin the best damn bounty hunter this world has seen. Someone wants you dead." The goblin told him. "Kingpin?" "Kingpin." Goblin nodded.

Goblin ran at Steve. Steve jumped up and delivered a flying kick to the goblin's chest. The goblin fell backwards rolling landing on his feet. He ran forward at Steve. The goblin used his laser sword to try and cut Steve in half.

Steve bent backwards to avoid the sword. The laser blade just skimmed across Steve's face leaving a burn where it had been. Steve swept the leg out from under the green goblin. Green Goblin fell backwards.

Trisha was watching from the roof. She bit her lip as she watched. "Come on Spidey." She said to herself. She felt bad that she never told him her secret. She would but it would have to wait till the Green Goblin fight over assuming Steve made it.

Green Goblin had dropped the laser sword as he hit the floor. Steve pulled it to him with his webbing. Goblin started to rise to his feet. "Your starting to get me angry." Said the goblin. He bent down and fired up his jet pack.

Using the jetpack he speeded towards spider-man tackling him hard. While holding on to Spider-man he flew up and straight through the roof of a steel works plant. The crashed through the roof hitting the floor hard.

Steve took most of the force of the attack. "See Spider-man you do not **** with the Goblin." The green goblin mocked as he got to his feet. He Picked spider-man off the floor and delivered a monstrous left knee

Steve coughed up blood as he fell to the floor holding his chest. The goblin kicked his ribs as hit the floor making spider-man fly up in the air and hit a concrete beam. The beam cracked as he hit it. Steve started to stand up but just collapsed. He was beat.

The Green Goblin walked over to Spider-man and stood on his head. The armour and strength were crushing spider-man. Somehow Steve managed to use his hands to push himself up. As Steve managed to get to his feet the green goblin looked angry.

"Why won't you stay down." The Green Goblin said looking on at Spider-man. "Because….I will defeat you." Steve said unable to speak properly."You can't even stand how can you beat me?" The green goblin laughed.

Steve Pulled out the laser sword he picked up earlier. He pushed the button to make the blade turn on. "What. Give that back." Said the Green Goblin. "Sure thing." Steve said throwing it at the green goblin.

It hit the green goblin's jet pack. The jet pack exploded launching the goblin up in the air. He hit in to a big metal container and fell to the floor. The container flowed back and forth upabove before some molten steel poured out on to the goblin.

His flesh started to burn as he screamed in pain. Steve could smell burning flesh and couldn't watch. He looked away as the goblin was covered in the molten steel. Steve webbed up and swung out of the steel works.

He swung to the rooftop where Trisha was. "You beat him?" She asked. "I don't want to talk about it." Steve said pulling down his mask and kissing her. "Your mouth it's filled with blood." She said to him. "Yeah it is." Steve told her.

In the steelworks men suddenly walked in. "Move in men he's in here." One of them said. The looked down at the badly burnt body of the Goblin. "Careful with it." One of the men said as they lifted the goblins body on to a stretcher.

The final chapter in saga 1 coming soon.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

so nice stuff, i always found spidy hard to write, but you do an awesome job keep it comming :)
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

so nice stuff, i always found spidy hard to write, but you do an awesome job keep it comming :)

Thanks dude.

I'm glad you liked it.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Chapter 7

"What were you going to tell me?" Steve asked. "Promise you won't hate me?" Trisha said looking nervous. "Promise." Steve told her. "I'm not exactly a normal girl." She told him. "You're not?" "No I'm …. I'm ….. I'm sorry I can't do this." She said turning and jumping off the building.

When Steve looked down she had disappeared again! "Wait." Steve shouted down. What was she Hiding from him? Steve held his ribs and started to swing home. He had lost a lot of blood and was feeling it. He felt dizzy like he was going to faint.

Steve crashed through the window of the parker's apartment. Rolling as he hit the floor he landed in a heap near Mary Jane's feet. "Oh my god Steve." She said leaning by him. "PETER QUICK." She shouted.

Peter came out the bedroom zipping up his pants after their night of passion. "What's happened?" he asked when he saw Steve on the floor. "I don't know. He just came through window like that. I think he's had a tough fight." She looking down at Steve.

"Get him out the costume. We have to take him to the hospital." Peter told her. "We can't do that. If we do they will see his blood is different and he will be outed as spider-man." She told him. "We can't just leave him here." Peter told her. "I know I have an Idea." She told him.

Mary Jane walked in to the bedroom and pulled out her cellphone. "Logan it's me. I need a favour." "What?" "It's Steve" "The new Spider-man?" "Yeah he's injured but we can not take him to the hospital. If he do his identity will be reviled." "What do you want me to do?" "He needs to use the hospital you guys have under the X-men mansion." "Bring him over."

Peter stayed next to Steve "can you here me Steve?" Peter asked. He got no reply. Mary Jane came out of the bedroom and told Peter where to take him. "Good idea. I didn't know you had connections to the X-men." He told her. "I'm friends with someone there." She told him looking away feeling ashamed.

Else where under the city. "I can't believe I almost told Spider-man my secret." Trisha said looking disappointed in her self. "Living up on the surface has made you weak. When I arise soon the world will change. No humans , No mutants just our kind." A deep voice told her. "I think I love him. I have been watching him like you said after all the prophecy does speak of the Spider-powered warrior. It even mentioned him beating the goblin bounty hunter. It says that when the end comes he will be on the winning side." She told her boss.

"That's why I want you to make him like you." the voice echoed. "I couldn't. He deserves better than been made a vampire like me." Trisha told him. "LISTEN UP. YOU ARE A VAMPIRE. THE WEAKEST DEMON ALIVE. A HALF BREED. A PARASITE. WHEN I RISE THE DEMONS SHALL RULE THIS WORLD. BE GRATEFUL WE ALLOW YOUR TAINTED KIND TO LIVE WITH US." the voiced roared at her. She fell to her knees. "I'm sorry Master Akiroz." She said hanging her head in shame and respect.

In the X-mansion. "How is he doing?" Marry Jane asked. "He's doing fine. He is just out of it for a while. He has broken ribs that lead to internal bleeding. His back is cracked. As well as a lot of damage all over but he will heal and be on his feet again soon." Jean Grey told her. "Good." Peter smiled.

They went upstairs when they were healing Steve. "Have you seen the news?" Prof X asked them. "No why?" Mary Jane asked. They looked at the TV. It was showing the green goblin and spider-man fight. "We believe that this was a fight over money. Both of these criminals have been a menace to our city and I say I hope they kill each other." A Police chief told the news.

"He saves the day and everyone hates him anyway? Guess some things never change." Peter laughed. Mary Jane looked at Peter and laughed with him. Prof X looked at Mary Jane. He was reading her mind. "How could be so stupid." Prof X told her using his telepathic powers to put the message in her head. She looked and saw Prof X turn away in disgust rolling out the room.

In the Kingdom an operating table was lifted up. On the table was a green mechanical suit. "Green Goblin can you hear me?" Kingpin asked. "Yes Kingpin." He told him. "That suit is keeping you alive. After what Spider-man did to you it was the only way we could save you." Kingpin told him. "Thank you." The new Mecha Goblin said.

"Don't thank me yet. You work for me now and only me. Try to disobey me and I will turn off your suit. Now tell me what do you want the most?" Kingpin asked. "REVENGE. REVENGE. REVENGE ON SPIDER-MAN."

Saga two will be started either start of next month or end of this one.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 1 – The rebirth of a legend.

Working on Part 2 trying to put together a story before i start.

So i figured I would ask people here

- What did you hate about this story?

- What did you like ?

- Anything you would like to see more or less of?

- Any imput at all?
Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

This saga is the saga that everything turns to ****.

The Phenomenal Spider-man

Saga 2 – Consequences!

Chapter 1

Steve lay in the hospital of the X-Mansion. He still had not woke up after the fight with the goblin. Outside in the trees Trisha watched on. She was supposed to lead him down the path to darkness. But seeing him there all she could think about was how he saved her from the Goblin. No one had ever thought of her needs before.

"How's he doing?" Mary Jane asked. "Same as when you first brought him in." Logan told her. He reached out to touch her hand. She pulled away. "Let's not do this anymore." She told him. "What's changed?" Logan asked. "Seeing him like this reminds me of all times Peter got hurt saving the day. Also things with me and Peter are going good now. I don't want to screw that up." She told him.

"I get it. One question thou did you ever really love me?" Logan asked looking her eyes. She looked away disgusted with herself. "You were …. Convenient." She told him. "Convenient huh? Not the words I would of chosen for what we had." Logan turned away from her and walked away.

In the kingdom. "No sign of Spider-man anywhere. Maybe the Goblin finished him off." a voice said to kingpin over the intercom. "No. He's just licking his wounds trust me he'll be back in his do gooder way." Kingpin told him.

"He is alive I know it. When he does show up again I'll kill him." Mecha Goblin told kingpin. He was standing behind kingpin in his office. "I know you will. The amount of money I've put into you're new look so to speak. Is so much money I could of bought Cuba!" Kingpin told him.

"I say let's draw him out into the open. Make Spider-man appear." The voice on the intercom told them. "NO. I am a warrior and when I defeat spider-man I need to know that I can beat him when he is at his best and will make sure he pays for what he did to me." Mecha Goblin replied.

Logan was outside the X-Mansion. "She never really trusted you. She never loved you. You are a mutant. You're scum companied to her." A voice spoke to Logan. He made a fist making his claws come out. "Who's there? Show yourself." He said.

A hooded stranger came out. "I can not tell you who I am because you do not even know who you are!" The man told him. "I know who I am." Logan jumping at the man to attack him. He went straight through the hooded stranger.

"No you do not. You have allowed yourself to be used by a woman." The man told him. "I was not used by anyone." Logan said getting to his feet. "You were …. Convenient." The man said but when he spoke it was in voice of Mary Jane.

Logan stood still. Hearing that had broke his heart and he realised this guy was right. He had been used. "What do you want?" Logan asked. "I just want you to see the truth. Peter Parker had beaten his wife and she chose him over you? What does that say about you?" The Man told him.

"So? There is nothing I can do about it is there." Logan told him. "Yes there is. Thanks to Mary Jane and Peter Parker you have had your heart broken. Time to repay the favour. Go tell Peter about the affaire. After all the truth needs to come out." The man told Logan before disappearing.

"That's weird." Prof X said inside the mansion. "What's weird?" Mary Jane asked. "I just felt a presence I've not felt in along time. The presence of Akiroz." Prof X told her. "Who is Akiroz?" She asked.

"Who is Akiroz? I''ll tell you. He is a demon banished from this world around 50 years ago. It was done in secret so no one would know he existed. However it seems he has found away to comminate with this world.

He must be planning to escape. If that happens the world as we know it will be destroyed. He is pure evil. We need Steve to wake up and investigate. I know how to kill Akiroz. When Steve wakes up tell him the only way to kill Akiroz is……" A gun fired straight through Prof X's head before he could finish.

The blood squirted up on to Mary Jane as Prof X fell out of his chair. He was dead. Mary Jane looked up to were the bullet had come from. No one was there. The person who fired the bullet was Trisha.

She had jumped out the tree after so no one saw her. "Oh god. Oh god what have I done." She said as she dropped the gun. "I can be a good person I can." She said crying as she looked at the gun.

"You did what you had to protect me my child. So that our glorious day of reckoning will commence as planned." Akiroz's voice whispered in her ears. "As we speak the wolverine is on his way to confess his sins to his lover's husband. This is going exactly as I have foreseen." Akiroz laughed.
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Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

Chapter 2 - Avengers special!!!!!!

"Mr President with the hatred towards Spider-man and the fear that the Green Goblin has put into people I think we need to give S.H.E.I.L.D the go ahead to use their project Avengers." the head of U.S. A security told the President.

"We have lasted till now with out reviling that S.H.E.I.L.D is back. Bringing it back could get Kingpin to react hostile and if our intelligence is correct he has weapons of mass destruction. But I guess we have no choice. Give S.H.E.I.L.D what they want." The President hesitated in his decision.

The President in this time was president Denzel Streep. An African American who was the only person willing to take over after kingpin's reign of terror. Most regard him as a wise and kind president who only wants what is best for the people. They were right. This however he felt could lead to war.

"Ok listen up Avengers the President has given the go ahead. Now identify yourselves when he comes in." The head of S.H.E.I.L.D Jessica Vaughn spoke in to a microphone. The doors to the Avengers' headquarters opened up.

President Streep walked inside. "Good evening Avengers." he said looking at the heroes standing before him. "Hello Sir. I am Captain America Jr." the first one told him. He was saluting the president..

His real name was Steven Rogers Jr. and he was the son of the original Captain America. His father taught him everything he knew at an early age. As well as training he also got the genetics of the super soldier program himself. After he saw his father killed he vowed to help the Avengers legacy by leading a new team.

His costume was different to his father's. His was more modern. At first it was only when teamed with his father under the name "Private U.S. A" then when his father died he was supposed to wear it and take the name. Instead he buried his father in it and took the name "Captain America Jr."

The sound of metal touching the floor could be heard. The President saw red and yellow armour looking at him. "The name is Iron Man II but don't let the name trick you I'm in no way related to the original. I just happened to find his suit." The man in the Armour told him.

His real name was Ben Del Toro. He was the current owner of what was Stark Industries. He was the only person who actually has made a profit since Stark Industries was renamed "Power Industries" after the death of Tony Stark.

The Del Toro family is on of the richest in America. He was right when he said he found the costume. He found it in a secret room hidden behind a secret passageway. At first he was not going to use it but after kingpin's men turned his old family house in to part of the Kingdom he decided to take a stand.

"Greetings . Thou can call me Thor." Thor told him. He was one of the two original Avengers who was still around. Now his blonde hair was white and he was sporting a beard of the same colour. He had been in hiding for years after the death of Captain America.

It was there he got in touch with his Norse roots. Willing to give up after the loss of one of if not the greatest hero the world had seen he realised the fight must go. He was found by S.H.E.I.L.D and agreed to work with the Avengers once more.

The next one to step forward was an old man in a lab coat. "Hello. The name is DR. Bruce Banner." He said to the president. "What can you do?" President Streep asked. "Let's just say don't make me angry , You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." DR. Bruce Banner gave a little smirk. "He is the Hulk Sir." Jessica Vaughn told the President.

Bruce may of aged with time but the hulk was still the same monster he always was. The hulk part was ageless and made a great addition to the Avengers when Bruce could control him.!

Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

Chapter 3

There was a knock on Peter's door. Peter rolled his wheelchair over to the door and opened it. "Logan?" Peter said seeing Logan out in the halls. "Out of my way Parker." Logan said walking to their apartment. Peter looked at him. As he closed the door.

"We have to talk." Logan told him. "Why what's wrong?" Peter asked. "For some time now me and your wife have been having an affair." Logan's words made Peter sick to his to his very core. "W-what? You're lying. She would never cheat on me. Least of all with an animal like you." Peter told him.

"Well as bad as this animal is he never beat her just to feel better about himself. I'm here to tell you truth as think you deserve to know your self hating , alcoholic , wife beating ways have drove her away from you. You use to think you were a big man hitting her didn't you?" Logan told him.

Peter knew it was all true but he still hated Logan for it. He wanted to hit him but knew that if he tried it he would not hit him. "Now you hit her and I let it slide but now I'm done pretending like I don't want to rip you limb from limb." Logan said extending his claws.

He used his claws to slash Peter's face. "Ahhhhhh." Peter screamed as the claws ran down his face. Blood poured from Peter's face. Logan grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up out of the chair. He stuck his other claw in to Peter's chest.

Peter gave a look of pain and terror as the claw stuck in to him. Blood started pouring out of his chest where the claws were. Peter coughed up blood as he looked at Logan. "You had it coming." Logan told him as he pulled out the claw.

He tossed Peter across the apartment. Peter hit the window smashing the glass as he crashed through it. He fell to the street below. Logan looked down at him. Peter was not moving. Logan turned and walked away.

He knew he should not of done that but he couldn't see clear. Akiroz had done his job in corrupting Logan and turning him in to a weapon. Logan didn't know Akiroz was watching the whole thing.

"Phase one is complete." Akiroz laughed as he turned to Trisha. "Why did you make Logan do that to Peter?" she asked him. "Because the prophecy speaks of the Spider-powered warrior. It says he defeated the green goblin. However Peter also had Spider powers. He also defeated a green goblin. So I am covering all of possibilities. Making all possible outcomes work in my favour." Akiroz explained.

"But the prophecy said when the end comes he will be on the winning side. So what if it did mean peter? He's dead now so…." She said. "Shhhhh my child. Peter Parker is not dead he is just very hurt. Now he will want to kill Logan and in doing so he will become darker. Eviler. Everything is going to plan. Even the fact the humans have created their little group to try and challenge us. The Avengers will fail and will be the perfect warm up for our legion of demons." Akiroz told her.

"Now watch as I complete stage two of my plan." Akiroz smirked disappearing. "I hate it when he does that." Trisha said to herself walking away. She going back to see if Steve was awake yet. Akiroz appeared again next to Peter.

He had taken another form. This form was of an old wizard. "Peter Parker I preassume. My name is Akiroz. I have been sent here in you're time of need. To help you get even with person who did this to you." Akiroz lied looking down at the injured Peter.

"" Peter asked hardly able to speak. "Well first we heal those wounds." Akiroz told him waving his hand over Peter. The wounds started to heal up. Peter could feel it working making him feel at 100% again. "Can you heal my back?" Peter asked him.

"No. There is only one way to heal your back but you won't like it." Akiroz told him. "Why won't I?" Peter asked. "Because it will make you kill a lot of innocent people and I know that you wouldn't want your child to grow up with a father like that." Akiroz told him.

"My child?" "You don't know? Mary Jane is pregnant…… oh wait she didn't tell you? But you are the father right?" Akiroz was actually speaking the truth she was pregnant. The reason she had told him however was she does not know it yet.

"Logan." Peter said with hatred in his voice. He looked up at Akiroz before speaking. "Tell me what I need to do. I don't want to be another remember that hero. This world has had more than enough of those. I want more. I want revenge." Peter told him. "Good , good" Akiroz laughed.

In the X-mansion Steve opened up his eyes. When his eyes adjusted to the light he looked around. He saw Mary Jane sat next to his bed. "Where am I?" He asked. "Your in the Xmen's Mansion. After the fight with the goblin you were pretty injured this was the only place we could take you to heal." She explained.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

chapter 2 + 3 IMO was to cluttered and less focused on where I wanted saga 2 to go yet still important as they will play a big part in saga 3. This chapter I try to get back on track after that paart

Chapter 4

Steve lay in the bed on his own. Everyone was leaving him to sleep. "God I'm so bored. The only time I was this bored was when Mary Jane made me and Peter watch his old DVDs of that boring *** show sex in the city. I got to get out of here." Steve said to himself.

He pulled off the cover of the bed and stood up and looked out the window. "Trisha!" He said seeing her outside in the tree. "I'm sorry Steve but you have to stay. Something big is going down." Mary Jane told him as she walked into the room.

"So what? I beat the Goblin what ever else comes I'll take care of that too but right now I would rather go and spend time with person I love." He told her. "Don't be like that. You can't let love get in the way of doing what's right." She told him.

"You hypocritical *****. When I was in the comma I heard you and Logan and you're little affair. Did you do what was right when you were jumping Logan's Adamantium bones?" He said to her as he opened the window and jumped out.

Mary Jane couldn't speak. She watched him go. "Way to go Mary Jane. Try preaching morals while your cheating on your husband." She thought to her self. She started to cry thinking how everything was gooing wrong.
"I missed you." Trisha said as she hugged him. "You look incredible." Steve told her as he leaned in and kissed her. "I have to tell you something thou. But not here. It's not safe here." She told him. "Then were is safe?" he asked. "Follow me." She told him.

He followed her as she ran through the streets. She stopped near the entrance to the sewers. "Through here." She told him. "Oh great a sewer why can't people take me to a penthouse or somewhere like that but no it's always a sewer or a warehouse or something like that" he said to himself as he followed her.

They stopped in what appeared to be an underground base. Steve looked around and saw weird symbols on the walls. They looked ancient but at the same time freshly painted. "We are here."She told him.

"Then what did you want to tell me." Steve asked. She looked away for a second before looking back at him. "My story is not a tale you will like. I was born on 1st of March in 1273." She told him. "1273? That would make you over 700 years old. How is that possible?" He asked.

"In 1273 I was what some may consider a proper lady. That was until a man called Israfel Shelley came in to my town. It was a small town in England we were not use to such eccentric quests.

I fell in love. On the night we were to marry he told me his secret. He was a vampire. I couldn't believe that my love was vampire. Back then we were not so naive about vampires as today. We had vampire hunters in every town.

I screamed for help but before I could say the word vampire he bit me. I could feel my life fading. Then he slit his wrists and lifted my lips to his wrist. "Feed" he told me. I started drinking the blood.

That was the act of siring. Trust me been sired is an extremely sexually charged. It feels so incredible when you are doing it. Like 10 orgasms all at once but before I knew it was over. My eyes closed and I fell to the floor.

When I awoke my heart was racing but then slowed down more and more before stopping. When it stopped I gasped. Everything in the world was different. I could see sights I had not seen before. Smell scents I had not smelt before and hear sounds I had not heard before.

I was hungry. Hungry alone and for some reason naked. I could feel the earth beneath my feet as I crossed the field I woke up in. I headed back to my village. I saw people I had seen before but never thought about but they seemed different.

They had a throbbing in the neck that enticed me. I saw a woman who was my rival so to speak. The most beautiful woman in my village. She looked at me with an appalled look on her face. Who could blame her I was naked.

I walked over to her and grabbed her by the hair. As I tilted her head back I felt fangs come out of my mouth. I sank my teeth in to her neck and started to drink. It was the best taste I've ever tasted. I stopped at let her fall to the floor.

The people were screamed in fear. I just licked my lips and smirked. As I looked down at her. She lay at my feet and I knew I had killed two birds with one stone. I had fed and now I had a new outfit after I stripped her. "Good you have embraced your vampire ways." a voice told me from behind. It was Israfel Shelley.

That was first of many many lives I had taken." Trisha told Steve. Steve looked on in shock of what he was hearing. "You're a vampire? Why are you telling me this?" Steve said taking a step back from her.

"Because in the year 1999 Israfel Shelley was killed by a vampire called Blade. A day walking freak who killed his own kind. In the year 2010 I killed him for what he had done to Israfel Shelley.

It was on that day I was contacted by a demon named Akiroz. He told me he had a place for me. I was to turn you evil when you became Spider-man but I couldn't do it. I love you. These Symbols stop Akiroz from knowing what we have talked about.

He made wolverine almost kill Peter. He's been pulling strings around here for a while. He made me ….. He made me kill Professor Charles Francis Xavier because he knew how to stop Akiroz. I'm telling you this because I don't want to be evil anymore.

I want a normal life or as close to it as I can have. No more secrets no more lies no more been a part of some ancient mystical plan. I just want to be with you. But I can see that the lies and deception has made you hate me." She spoke with tears in her eyes.

"I could never hate you. You can anything you want to be. You can be a good person. Look at me. I was a criminal and now I'm a crime fighter. But can you told me how to beat Akiroz?" He said getting closer to her and looking in her eyes. "No I don't know the Professor was the only one who knew." she told him.

next chapter coming soon ......
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Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

I know too much is happening in this saga but bare with me its all leading to something bigger.

Chapter 5

While Steve was sorting things out with Trisha the Kingpin was watching the Mecha Goblin train. A Car was hovering and gliding down the road of the kingpin. "Target engaged." Mecha Goblin said.

The eyes on the helmet of his life support suit was a red scanning and targeting system. To him the car had a white circle around it and everything was shown as red. He pulled out his new gadget. It was a pumpkin bomb based on the original Green Goblin's weapon.

His pumpkin bombs were different thou. Still pumpkin shaped but it was a dark orange and contained a much bigger explosion than the original concept. He pressed the top on activating the bomb.

He threw it forward like he was pitching in a baseball game. The bomb hit the car just like he planned. The pumpkin bomb exploded on impact. The car flew up high in the air with the explosion before landing on the floor a flaming wreck.

"Impressive. Spider-man stands no chance of winning." Kingpin laughed. "Last time he got lucky. This time I'll make sure he dies." The Mecha Goblin told kingpin. "Good , good I will celebrate by dancing on the gave of the wall crawler." Kingpin smirked. Goblin looked at him. "When spider-man is out the way you'll be next kingpin. No one uses the green goblin like this." Goblin thought to himself.

Peter Parker was in the local graveyard. He had paid some young thugs to help him dig up a grave. "Come on hurry up before someone sees us." Peter told them. "We are digging as fast as we can." One of them told him.

The shovels hit something solid. "We hit something." One of the thugs said. "Good bring it up." Peter Ordered. They started digging around it until they saw it. It was a big concrete casket. All 10 of them dragged the coffin to Peter.

"Good now get out of here.!" Peter ordered them. They all did as ordered and left. He grabbed the lid of the casket and using all of his strength he opened it up. The name on the grave read "John Taylor." but that was not who's grave it was.

"Long time no see Eddie." Peter said looking inside. The grave belonged to Eddie Brock better known as Venom! S.H.I.E.L.D had buried Eddie Brock in a false grave after Spider-man killed Venom in violent and bloody battle years ago.

In side the casket was the bones of Eddie but that was not what Peter was after. There was also a large metal box. Peter removed the box and thought for a second. "Should I really do this?" Peter asked himself.

"DO IT." Akiroz's voice told Peter. Peter opened it up. Inside was a keyboard with buttons on it. Peter pressed the numbers "12 , 19 , 84" The box started to make beeping noises. Gas escaped from the box. A jar rose out of the box.

The box was actually a means of cryogenically freezing the alien Symbiote. The alien Symbiote was buried with Eddie and was the reason they put him in a gave no one would find …… until now anyway.

The alien Symbiote started to move inside the jar. It was moving slowly thou like it was just waking up. "Oh no. What have I done." Peter said. He starting keying in the combination to refreeze the Symbiote.

It was too late the Symbiote burst through the glass jar and leaped on to Peter's chest. He screamed in pain as it slowly covered his body. "Mary Jane I'm … I'm sorry." he said tears forming in his eyes as the alien Symbiote covered his face.

The alien Symbiote had a healing factor. Peter could feel his back healing as he stood out of the wheel chair. He was dressed like his old Spider-man costume but all black with a white spider on it's chest. "Wolverine Peter Parker might not of been able to get you back for sleeping with his wife but now there is no more Peter Parker and no more Symbiote. Since Steve is spider-man and we can't be that. It must makes us the new Venom." As he said that the face on the black costume changed.

His body was now big and bulky like it had gained 100lbs of muscle. On his chest was a large white spider logo. The eyes had changed to be more wavy on the outlines yet still solid white in the middle. His jaw got bigger and his tongue also grew in size.
On his hands were white squares where the webbing would come out off. He looked identical with the original Venom.

Ironic in the sense that Peter found the Symbiote in the Secret Wars. Peter rejected the Symbiote when he was back on earth. The Symbiote bonded with Eddie and made Venom. Years later Peter killed Venom. Years after That Peter has become Venom the very thing he vowed he would never be a person who uses his powers for evil.

Venom leaped high in the air and fired webbing from the white square on the back of his hand. "We're back together and no one can stop us." Venom said as he swung through the city. A camera picked up a video of him swinging.

"Boss look at this we found Spider-man but he looks different." One of kingpin's men told him pulling up the screen. "No you idiot that is not Spider-man. That freak is something I've not seen for a long time. That thing is Venom. He wants spider-man dead if it is the original Venom." Kingpin told him.

Else were Steve was swinging through the city himself as Spider-man. He was looking for any sign of Akiroz. "Kingpin we're getting another Image. That one has to be Spider-man." He said. "Yes that is the new wall crawler. Goblin you know what to do." Kingpin told him.

Goblin's jet pack roared to life as flew up out of kingpin's base. He was heading for spider-man. "This time you'll be the one left for dead you stupid little bastard ." Mecha Goblin said as he was flying faster than he had ever flown before.
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Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

Chapter 6

Steve's Spider sense started to go crazy. It was like someone had taken a jack hammer to his skull. "What is it this time?" Steve thought to himself. He turned around only to get tackled to the floor by Mecha Goblin.

Mecha Goblin got to his feet and looked down at Steve. "Did you really think it was over Spider-man?" Goblin said. Steve started getting to his feet. He looked up at Mecha Goblin when he saw him his face turned white under his mask.

"Goblin!" Steve said with shock. "That's right. New and improved." Goblin said kicking Steve in the face. Steve fell back down. He struggled to get up. "Oh don't think you'll get luck and beat me again." Goblin told him.

Goblin pressed a button and his hand turned into a laser blaster. He pointed it at Steve and fired it. A red laser came out of the blaster. The beam lifted Steve off the floor. It felt like every part of his body was been stabbed by hundreds of sharp knifes.

Goblin suddenly fell backwards dropping Steve from the laser. "You stay away from him." Trisha said. She had hit the goblin from behind with a grenade. Goblin got to his feet again. "Ok now you are going to regret that." Goblin said grabbing Trisha by the throat.

Steve tackled Goblin. "You lay one finger on her again and I'll kill you." Steve said Punching Goblin. Goblin started getting up and Steve punched him again. Steve was not stopping he was punching Goblin harder and harder.
His punches were cracking the armour. "Save her from this." Goblin said pulling out a pumpkin bomb. He threw it at Trisha. Steve moved very fast but he felt like it was slow-motion. He could see the Pumpkin bomb moving through the air.

He pushed Trisha out of the way and tried to move himself out of the way. The pumpkin bomb hit the floor exploding. Steve was hit by the blast and sent flying up in to the air. As he came down he landed through a roof of near by shop.

"Got any more grenades little girl?" Goblin asked walking over to her. He grabbed her by the throat again. "Put the Girl down goblin." A voice said. "Oh great who is going to interrupt my revenge this time?" Goblin said turning around.

When he turned around he saw the Avengers looking at him. "We are your worse nightmare." Captain America Jr. said. "Thou stands little chance of beating us." Thor Said gripping his mighty Mjolnir. "The full body armour I can pull off but you look pathetic." Iron man II laughed.

"Do you need us to send hulk?" A voice said over Captain America Jr.'s communicator he had on his wrist. He pressed a button to talk and replied "No. There is no need to send in the big guns yet."

Goblin pulled out another pumpkin bomb and pressed in the button. He threw it at the Avengers. Thor swung his Mjolnir through the air. It knocked the pumpkin bomb away like someone batting away a baseball.

"How dare you!" Goblin said getting frustrated. He fired his laser at them. Captain America Jr. held up his Shield. The laser bounced off the shield with ease. Captain America Jr. kept walking forward pushing the laser away.

"Now it's iron man's time to shine" Iron man II laughed flying up off the ground. He pointed his hand out so the palm was facing goblin and launched a giant laser blast at him. Goblin's armour was mostly destroyed in the blast.

Goblin fell to his knees gasping for breath. His life saving suit was damaged and he could feel his life draining as a result. He finally collapsed to the floor dead. Goblin was not going to come back this time.

Steve managed to get up and walk outside. Iron Man II looked at Trisha "You're a vampire!" He said sounding surprised. "A vampire. Kill her!" A voice said over the communicator. "But she …." Captain America Jr. started to say.

"DO IT. S.H.I.E.L.D has a zero tolerance policy. Maybe the old S.H.I.E.L.D turned a blind eye to things but that is how Kingpin got in to power. Kill her." The voice told them. "I'm sorry miss." Iron Man II said pulling out a blade.

He stuck it in to Trisha's heart. She turned around at looked at Steve. "I love you." She told him before turning to dust. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Steve screamed seeing her turn to dust. "YOU KILLED HER." Steve ran at Iron man.

He punched him the face hard sending Iron Man backwards. "Spider-man stand down. We had no choice." Captain America Jr. told him. "We always have choices flag boy." Steve told him. "Our leader is correct. We had no over option but to smite the vampire. Thou must understand this." Thor tried to explain. "Thou needs to understand I'm going to kill you for this." Steve said in a voice that mocked Thor's

Steve fired webbing at Iron Man II's feet and hung him from a light post. "Now the human flag and the guy with the hammer so big he is clearly over compensating." Steve said looking at them.

Steve ran at them. Thor lifted up his Mjolnir and swung it at Steve. Steve sensed it coming and jumped over Captain America Jr. pushing him in to Thor's hammer. The impact sent Captain America Jr. flying through the air before landing on a car.

Steve then shot webbing at Thor's neck making a noose. He then jumped up in to the air putting it off another lamp post. Thor gasped for breath as he hung from the post. Steve turned and walked away leaving them there.

Captain America Jr. Managed to stand throwing his shield. It flew through the air and cut the webbing on Thor and Iron Man II. "What happened out there?" a voice asked. "The vampire was Spider-man's girl friend. He got pissed that we killed her and attacked us." Iron Man II responded into his communicator.

"Then Spider-man is now an enemy of S.H.I.E.L.D. Zero tolerance. Next time you see Spider-man kill him where he stands." the voice told them. They looked at each other. There was silence but they knew they were all thinking how could they just kill Spider-man he is a hero.

Back in S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters Jessica Vaughn spoke. "Yes sir I told them to kill to kill Spider-man. That is what you wanted right? The reason you wanted us to put sheild back together. "Yes it is. Spider-man , The fake goblin , Kingpin. Peter Parker. All my enemies will pay." A man said stepping forward.

"As you wish Mr Osborn!" She told him. "Please call me Norman." He laughed. Thinking how this was the perfect plan as the world thinks Norman Osborn was dead and most importantly his enemies think he is dead.
Re: Spider-man A new beginning. Saga 2 – Consequences!

please people feel free to leave feedback.

Chapter 7

Steve sat alone in Trisha's underground hideout. "Like my Uncle use to say With great power there must also come great responsibility. I remembered that realised I had a great power. It was time to face up to my responsibilities." Peter's words echoed through his mind but quickly faded.

Steve was just remembering things that had lead him to here. His thoughts soon drifted back to Trisha. Tears formed in his eyes as he thought about it. "They'll pay for what they did to you Trisha I promise." He said placing a rose on the floor.

Steve walked outside. It was night time and the rain was coming down hard. The gamma in his blood started to boil with rage. He feel to his knees and looked up at the sky. The rain hit his face.

Steve held his rips "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" he screamed in pain. All the hurt , all the rage that he was feeling was manifesting it's self. Out of his side grew an extra four arms. His size increased to 16ft and his muscle mass greatly increased. His skin started to grow hair all over. His clothes were now ripped.

His face also changed. He now had eight eyes. Fangs grew out of the side of mouth. He had become a giant hulk like monster that was more Spider than man. He was no longer Spider-man but instead he was more like a Man-Spider!

The next day Logan was down the docks with Mary Jane. "I have something I need to tell you." He told her. "What's that?" She asked. "I was upset how things ended with us. I told Peter the truth and then I killed him." Logan told her.

"Peter!" Mary Jane said with tears in her eyes. "Logan people were right about you. You're an animal and a bastard." She said as her hand swung through the air slapping Logan across the face. He looked at her. "I shouldn't of killed him I know that." He told her. "Saying your sorry won't bring him back will it." She said looking betrayed and hurt.

"We never left." Venom laughed on jumping down next to them. "Venom!" Logan said extending his claws. "Oh come now you're not going to throw us out of a window again are you." Venom said making his costume move off his face revealing Peter's face.

"Peter! But how?" Mary Jane asked. "Simple Peter Parker was a handicapped loser who Wolverine could kill with out breaking a sweat. Then he got the Symbiote. It healed his back and made him feel better than new. His hatred for Logan mixed with the Symbiote created a new Venom" Venom explained.

"Please Peter don't hurt him." Mary Jane told him. "Quiet *****." Venom said knocking her to the floor. He turned to Logan. "Bring it on bub." Logan growled looking at Venom. The both leaped at each other tackling each other to the floor.

This was different to any fight they had been in. Here was two guys with healing powers that loved the same girl. They were going to fight to the death. Mary Jane looked on as they rolled around on the floor.

Both of them were trying to get the upper hand but neither was succeeding. Logan scratched the side of Venom's face with his claw. A cut formed where the claws had touched. To logan's horror it quickly healed.

Venom Picked Logan up by the throat and leaped up in to the air. He landed back down grinding Logan in the floor. The floor cracked where Logan hit it. He lifted him up again and threw him at a wall.

Logan turned around in the air and using his feet leaped from the wall at Venom. He dived with his claws extended sticking them into Venom's chest. Venom roared in pain. Logan pulled the claws out.

Venom collapsed to his knees. Logan attempted to slash his throat but Venom moved out the way out just in time. His chested healed and he clicked his neck looking at Logan. "You're toy claws can NOT stop us." Venom told him.

"Peter you have to stop. Mary Jane loves you so you already beat me." Logan told him trying to get Venom to stop his assault. "If she loved us so much then when why did she get herself pregnant by you?" Venom asked.

"She's Pregnant?" Logan asked looking at Mary Jane. "And the Oscar goes to Logan. As if you didn't know." Venom said punching Logan in the face. Logan got up and ran at Venom. Venom moved out of the way and looked at Logan.

Venom started laughing. "What's so funny." Logan asked. "This fight is going exactly like our boss Akiroz said it would. Which means it's time for phase two." Venom laughed firing webbing at wolverine.

"To strong to break and you can't move your hands to cut your self loose." Venom told him dragging Logan across the floor. "Yes it's here." Venom said looking at a large metal box. "We can't kill you thanks to your healing. But there is away to beat you." Venom told him.

Venom put Logan inside the box and sealed it. He then placed his foot on the box and pushed it in to the water with his foot. The box slowly sank to the bottom of the river. Logan wiggled inside but he couldn't get free.

It was fate that the worst anyone could do to him. He was been forced to watch himself die. Slowly his oxygen was running out and there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't keep his eyes open. As eyes closed he thought "He did it. He killed me."

"HELP , HELP." a child screamed from an alley. A small girl about 10 years old was been mugged. The mugger stepped forward towards the kid with a grin on his face. Webbing suddly stuck to the mugger's back pulling him away.

"Thank you Mr Spidey -man." the child smiled. She looked around to see her hero. There was no sign of him. Then a shadow appeared over her and the wall of Man-Spider. "Spidey-man?" the child stepping back. Man-Spider looked down at the child. "FEED" he roared.

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