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The first three establish a good series, the fourth turns it into a supernatural romance novel series, so I dropped it. But give the first three a look.

read book #2 a few weeks ago, but this weekend read 3,4, and 5 and about to start #1 here in a little bit.

I liked Book #4 mainly because I got tired of "is it Sam or Adam? she finally stepped up and made a choice.....but Book #3 was one ****ed up book at the end, and I can truthfully say I did not see the whole rape thing coming at all. Patty does a good job of writing about the distress and cope of the attack very well, and how it will never really go away.

book 5 was cool because she does a really nice job talking about the Pack and Mate bonds and how everything truly works, if you didn't like book 4 your not really gonna like book 5 unless your a fan of Sam since he trys to commit suicide.
I decided not to read book 5, since book 4 seem to take a huge romantic turn

I didn't feel that way at all, maybe it was just me, then again it took her almost 3 books to make up her damn mind. however, book 5 is my 2nd favorite right now in that series.

edit: and about Kindles......i've heard that some people have a habit of sitting on them.....and the occasional PDF problem with some books that we "obtain"
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I may get a Kindle.


Kindle and other e-readers make sense for people who want the latest Best Seller, like, NOW, at a discount price, or want to own copies of the classics (which are usually pretty cheap). My problem is that I can just pick up best sellers at the library in a few months when everyone else is done reading them, so I get them for free. Also, most of the books I want aren't available in e-format, and the ones that are don't have any substantial savings once they are released in paperback. I also can't re-sell my e-books to anyone, or get a discount on a used copy of someone else's e-book. The only new books I buy are those I give as gifts.

Granted, electronic books supposedly save paper (although if you borrow books from the library, or buy them used, you're still recycling). The best feature of the e-readers is having access to a zillion books that don't take up much space, so if that's a consideration for you, the Kindle might be the way to go.

However, I read somewhere that Amazon has some kind of technology that lets them delete titles off the Kindle without asking your permission, so you might want to think about that, also.

I'm personally waiting for the iPad to get the bugs worked out; then I think I'll get one of those, or something similar, and just download the e-book reader app onto that, alone with the files from my laptop. That way I'll have two devices merged into one, plus a screen to read on that's actually large enough to see. (Granted, reading on a Kindle or Nook or whatever beats trying to read something on a cellphone or Blackberry screen. I hate getting old....)
You and me both. I want a iPad for my comic reading, but I then end up getting the collection.

That's what I do and it works awesomely. Reading comics on an iPad is just about the greatest thing ever.
Machine of Death looks interesting. It's a collection of anthologies by various creators (mostly from webcomics) about the central theme that a machine that tells you how you are going to die, but not when or where.

I just listened the the podcast versions of the first two stories. Interesting but very depressing, to the point where I don't want to continue. The title and snippet from the next one sure is intriguing, though.
just found out yesterday that Rick Riordan wrote a 2nd series to the Percy Jackson series the 1st book is called The Lost Hero. involving a new title character and stuff, but keeping people from the Percy books as secondary characters, after reading it........... i want more, dammit. that is all
I read that as well Nigma. Not too sure how I like the personfication of the the Roman gods though, cause in theory, everytime they moved to a new city, their personalities would be different, and that would cause a cascade of different half blood camps.
I didn't have to much of a problem with it. in the European time frame, the Greeks and the Romans had some of the more "colorful" myths that survived the ravages time and you get to see the little differences. i liked Roman Hera or Juno alot better than Greek Hera. but what I really wanna know is Percy doing? unlike Jason who had his mind wiped and dropped in a "hippie" camp. Percy got his mind wiped and thrown in military school as the bearer of the curse of Achilles. why is that bad? hardly any mortal weapon can hurt you, expect for a little bit of skin that could kill you. talk about an ego trip before you die.
I'm reading The Millenium Trilogy.
I think I need to try reading House of Leaves again... I keep reading the first 15 pages and getting sucked away by real life.
I'm still reading The Millenium Trilogy (though I am on the last book).

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