The Authority

No!! Not the last arc! The last arc is when Ellis killed off Stormwatch in a Stormwatch/Aliens crossover!

Check out the one with Apollo and Midnighter on the cover.. I think that's Volume Four
oh bugger, i completely missed out stormwatch vol 2 (duuuuuuuuurrrrrr), i meant the end of vol 1 (sheeeeesh, sorry i didnt get enough sleep last nite haha) with you-know-who in it - which leads to revolutions :D
The last 2 really. V2 issues that had Brian Hytch on art (And you won't recognize it atall.) were good.

Anyone else think that Millar put way too much sex into the Authority? I mean ever other panel had dick refrences, rapes and lesbian encounters just tossed in as throwawy bits.

And Jack Hawksmoore's genitals always bothered me after that one woman threw up after seeing them in Stormwatch. I doubt he'd get that many women if they're that funky.
Now I am completely thrown for a **** load of loops. Funky genitals, rape with jackhammers......this book is sick and twisted. :lol:

It's a damn shame that I enjoy it so much. I'm in the middle of Vol3. So far I think my fav combo has been Millar/Quietly.
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I read vol 1 and now I've read Relentless, whatever that vol is, I'm not sure

This book is simply over the top, and I'm loving every minute of it.

Making Stan Lee a villian....awesome.

rape with a jacl hammer....great

I have to disagree with VVD, I'm not a fan of Quietly, Hitch was so much better

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