Ultimates 2 Villains Revealed in Wizard

All right DOC. You got me. Millar did say you won't have to read the annual so Lieberman may be out. But I really don't think a foreign character is gonna step up to the plate and cause all this trouble... the arc's only so long and we already have the traitor and Ultron. Do we have the time to characterize?
:? Might have gone a little Hard on H101's extended theory in the other thread...

But here is Dr. Strangefate's official guide to battling someone into reality:

1: Take three eggs, a bag of pumpkin seeds, and seven Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill DVDs
2: Grind the latter two into a fine powder, and put in bowl, add the eggs
3: Take 3 oz of whole milk, and 3 oz of soy milk, pour into the bowl
4: Mix
5: Add pancake batter, six cat's feet severed from a few black cats, and Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9
6: Mix
7: Add one bag of sugar, and a metal fork.
8: Put in Microwave, set to the highest possible heat, for 10 hours.
9: Watch Ernest Goes to Camp Five times in this time, sitting next to the glowing Microwave
10: Gain magical realm distortion abilities, battle a god of chaos for a few hours, and then drag his corpse home for party games with family and friends
11: Within 2 hours, you will collapse from a sudden malignant brain tumor growing at an exceptional speed, and subsequently die in an ambulence.
12: Your family Enjoy the cupcakes you left in the microwave. They all collapse as well.

-The End-

I'm tired and cranky, and have to get up for school in 3 hours and forty-five minutes....

As much as I agree that Millar's cutting it short with time to develop the characters...

Can ANYONE really imagine them making the Red Skull american?

I can't...
Veeeeeeeeeerrrrrrry interesting. I'm not even going to bother with speculation - I'm about Ultimates 2 speculated to death.
Asian Ultimates vs US Ultimates and the Union. Red Skull vs Cap.

I have NO idea how Ultron fits in, though. And I guess Loki justs sits on a cloud and laughs? I'M SO EXCITED!!!!
Now this sounds interesting. I think however, that one of those two isn't going to be used to his full potential, probably Ultron. I'm thinking he's simply gonna be a lackey to Red Skull.
Ugh. Ultron = Hank Pym. It's like Spidey and Green Goblin, or Black Cat and large breasts. You don't get one without the other.
Well yes, he did create Ultron. But is Ultimate Ultron released as a malicious act, or an accident, like 616? That's the question.
Well, either way, more Ultron means more Hank Pym, which will inevitably mean more of the Cap/Janet/Hank love triangle that's reemerging. Which I know they're not going to leave unresolved, especially if some/all of the Ultimates aren't returning in Volume 3. So bleeeehh.
You'd think this thread would be marked "potential spoiler' so that it would keep people from hovering their cursor over the link and see the part that says Ultron and Red Skull scream at their face.

On the other hand, Ultron being a villain is unsurprising. Compound and I have noticed that Millar telegraphs his plots way far back in advance and anything absurd, stupid or goofy he brings up usually turns up as a serious plot point later.

I've been hoping that in my alternate reality universe where Tony Stark goes Ozymandias on everyone he'd have an army of Hankbots at his side led by Ultron. After all, Hank describes the robots as disposable war machines.
Perhaps the saddest thing about Millar not writing Ultimates 3 is how he would handle the vision and wanda love affair.
Few could have written it better.

And red skull huh. Maybe that's the traitors code name.

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