Ultimates 2 Villains Revealed in Wizard

DIrishB said:
If that happens I'd have to wonder, man...hahahaha, i'm so clever!!!

Truly you are a God.

Guijllons said:
And red skull huh. Maybe that's the traitors code name.

That's damn fine speculating, Guij!

Anyhoo, as I said many a time, Millar always described his run on the Ultimates as this: 1: Hulk, 2: Skrulls, 3: Loki, 4: Ultron. It seems he did not deviate from this, HOWEVER, we are all still flummoxed as to how Ultron (and Red Skull!) will actually appear.

I'm extremely excited because, unlike the traitor or Loki which I heavily worked on, I really, really, am completely in the dark.

The Ultimates is the only comic out there that actually makes me shiver when I begin to read it.
Hey, this is weird. I can see that Bass is the last poster in this thread. But when I click on the thread, I'm the last poster.

But, when i look down now as i type in this reply box, I do see bass' post.

Lovely oddness.

Edit: now I see it.
Dr.Strangefate said:
:? Might have gone a little Hard on H101's extended theory in the other thread...

But here is Dr. Strangefate's official guide to battling someone into reality:

1: Take three eggs, a bag of pumpkin seeds, and seven Eddie Izzard: Dressed to Kill DVDs
2: Grind the latter two into a fine powder, and put in bowl, add the eggs
3: Take 3 oz of whole milk, and 3 oz of soy milk, pour into the bowl
4: Mix
5: Add pancake batter, six cat's feet severed from a few black cats, and Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #9
6: Mix
7: Add one bag of sugar, and a metal fork.
8: Put in Microwave, set to the highest possible heat, for 10 hours.
9: Watch Ernest Goes to Camp Five times in this time, sitting next to the glowing Microwave
10: Gain magical realm distortion abilities, battle a god of chaos for a few hours, and then drag his corpse home for party games with family and friends
11: Within 2 hours, you will collapse from a sudden malignant brain tumor growing at an exceptional speed, and subsequently die in an ambulence.
12: Your family Enjoy the cupcakes you left in the microwave. They all collapse as well.

-The End-

I'm tired and cranky, and have to get up for school in 3 hours and forty-five minutes....

Post of the Day.
jtg3885 said:
Well, either way, more Ultron means more Hank Pym, which will inevitably mean more of the Cap/Janet/Hank love triangle that's reemerging. Which I know they're not going to leave unresolved, especially if some/all of the Ultimates aren't returning in Volume 3. So bleeeehh.
I believe the #8 solit said that Cap and Jan's relationship would "hit a serious snag". Which I'm assuming was a safe way of saying that Cap will find out about Hank and Jan, without revealing that they were getting back together in #7.
Guijllons said:
And red skull huh. Maybe that's the traitors code name.
Dammit, I was gonna say that!

*punches Guij in the face*
moonmaster said:
*punches Guij in the face*
You punch like a girl.

And it's only a possibility. I mean, the people the traitor has aligned themselves with must have a leader.

Now wouldn't it be fun if Ultron was the leader.

Looks like a Red Skull to me... :D
I betcha Wasp is the Red Skull. She grew up in an army base in Germany. That's all the confirmation you need.
ProjectX2 said:
I betcha Wasp is the Red Skull. She grew up in an army base in Germany. That's all the confirmation you need.

They're not gonna use another German, not after the quasi-nazi aliens. In today's world, what does 'red' say? Communism. Red Skull will be Chinese.
Hey, Nick Fury's bald. Maybe he'll become the Red Skull.

Or, as you say, Red Skull will be Chinese.
If GTA is supposed to have acctual villains in the story and not have a brawl with another member of the Ultimates, then the traitor isn't the problem. Or at least the present problem. If Ultimate Red Skull and Ultimate Ultron debut in this story, it only tells me that the Ultimate Masters of Evil are going to be formed. Ultimate Red Skull, Ultimate Ultron, Ultimate Loki. I see the arch villains of Cap, Thor, and an Iron Man equal. This only supports my theory that Loki is infact controlling one of the Ultimates and the traitor isn't really a traitor at all.
Hawkeye101 said:
This only supports my theory that Loki is infact controlling one of the Ultimates and the traitor isn't really a traitor at all.

Um... how?

Wouldn't it be more effective for the Villains to be bombarding the ultimates to pulp, and then for one of their own ranks betray them? I mean, think of how tragic and powerful that would be...

I think that the inclusion of these two characters merely open up a whole new realm of possibilities... they definitely do not point to any clear ending...
Why is everyone acting like they're 100% Red Skull will be Chinese. It makes sense from a political standpoint but so does the fact that it's probably another American because let's face it most people consider us our own worst enemy anyway.
Well, we have no evidence, but I doubt it'll be another american. Ultimates 2 globalized the Ultimate Universe with the introduction of the Union, and I sincerely doubt we'll spend all of "GTA" in the US.
Ultimate Red Skull Can't wait to see how this one turns out. Of course it will be worth the wait.
Hmmmmmmm . . . things are becoming more clear now. And random thoughts in my head cry "LET ME OUT!" So here they are:

1.) Skull is league with Loki. I like the idea that Red Skull is his/her code name. Of course, the Skull could be Jarvis, or Betty Ross. He is a master of disguise after all. I like the idea that he kills Bucky, too. The Skull is the "Traitor" on the team. You have a "wolf in the fold" you have a wolf in sheep's clothing. It has to be someone "harmless."

2.) Sometime during the Ultron portion of the arc, Tony frees Thor and buys into the Asgardian's new age rhetoric as a way of "saving" his drunk, promiscuous ***. Perhaps, Thor even "cures" him. Tony's getting married, yes, but he's also dying. If he follows the DABDA theory of Death then he could very well move into the Bargaining phase when he gets married. This keeps in with the Biblical symbolism with Thor and Tony. Peter denied Christ but ended up accepting him.

3.) Hulk saves the day against Ultron.

4.) Thor does some how trick Loki into revealing himself, thus exonerating the thunder god.

5.) Hank comes in good graces with the team somehow.

6.) The Defenders will get super-suits to mimic the "powers' they would like to have and become funded by SHIELD as a low rent version of the Ultimates to help out on the street level.

I think I might have some good thoughts there . . . we'll see.



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