I am almost getting lost. All the symbiotes are starting to look the same with the washed out color scheme. But i am loving this.
I thought Minimum Carnage must have been a joke.

But it's not.

Holy ****, you guys.
I'm intrigued. I've only seen the teaser artwork for it. Looks like Scarlet Spider's joining the mix. And I wonder who's doing the artwork for this run. There's not many people I think can do Symbiotes well. Crain's art may be dark, murky, frenzied, and confused at times but hey, they're Symbiotes! I thought it worked great for it! Kinda like his artwork for Spawn. His style is a perfect fit....to me anyways.

So I'm guessing it's going to have something to do with microscopic symbiote samples being injected into people...

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