DC: One Year Later discussion (Spoilers!)

skotti-chan said:
If you're a Capt Marvel fan, pick up the First Thunder mini. Winnick has a great handle on the big red cheese.
I did. Just waiting on issue 4 to come with my march shipment. I love his Dr. Sivana.
Disappointing day for OYL titles.

The stuff I got was Hawkgirl, JSA: Classified, Green Arrow (grr, thought this was a new issue), and Catwoman.

They were all boring, except for Green Arrow, but I had already read that. :(
Oh yeah, apparently the new lesbian character is the new Batwoman.
Oh I loved Catwoman, I'm dying to know if the baby is really Bruce's kid. I wonder who's the new Catwoman too. Maybe Spoiler got back from the dead? :roll:
Superheroes should NEVER have babies.

I'm waiting to see if it's Bat's baby too. Although it does seem too obvious...
with Bat's bringing the teddy and Selina calling the babe 'Helena'.
This really shouldn't need spoiler-tags anymore, right?

Damn it, I just have a bad feeling abt this baby-thing. Babies are not good.

I loved the art the most. I'm glad they drew Selina with lumps (for the lack of a better word), looking like she just gave birth...

the 'new' Cat. Apparently, it's the rise of the Les!Heroines!
ProjectX2 said:
Disappointing day for OYL titles.

It wouldn't have been if you had picked up the issue of Batman, and the newest Robin...

Robin = Best OYL comic i've read so far.
ProjectX2 said:
Oh yeah, apparently the new lesbian character is the new Batwoman.

I think it's Detective Montoya, she's already a Bat character who happens to be a lesbian.
Dr.Strangefate said:
It wouldn't have been if you had picked up the issue of Batman, and the newest Robin...

Robin = Best OYL comic i've read so far.

I would if they were in the DCP... :wink:

And Anya, you do not need spoiler tags in a spoilers thread. When people come in here they are expecting to see spoilers. :D
skotti-chan said:
I think it's Detective Montoya, she's already a Bat character who happens to be a lesbian.
I would hate that. Montoya's one of the better Touchstone chacters in teh DCU. Turning her into a costume would just suck.

Plus she's a main 52 character and we're not supposed to see anything from them except for 52. I bet we'll see Batwoman before 2007.
Hawkgirl - Boring. I couldn't finish the issue.

- It started boring but had a couple of moments. I liked that she named her baby Helena and the Batman parts. Other than that. I pass. I'll probaly peak at the next issue just in case.
Supergirl and The Legion

This was better than I expected. The ending was funny and the townspeople were cool. I will look at the next one.



Sweet hell. Best one yet. Great dialogue and art. I love his new costume.

So far I've tried:

Detective Comics #817 (Robinson/Kirk; DC). My first OYL title AND my first Batman title, which I found slow and somewhat unimpressive. As a new reader to the title, I barely know who some of the characters ARE, and the issue was not even slightly helpful in that. Should every issue of every comic reintroduce characters? Of course not. But because of that, several moments lack the gravitas for me that they might have had for long-timers -- and this issue seemed to hang heavily on gravitas, more than plot. The "action" sequence seem to be wedged in so that the book HAD an action sequence and wouldn't be called "slow" not because the sequence was important. Part of the OYL thing would clearly be to hint at deep dark, as-yet-unrevealed back story for the one year gap, but I don't know what's "gap" and what is "as previously seen" -- and the real question is: did this issue push me to want to know more? Unfortunately, the answer is: no - compare this to the new Daredevil run by Brubaker, my first exposure to that character too, which I found VERY compelling, despite having the same "who IS that and what is going on?" issues.

Hawkgirl #50 (Simonsen/Chaykin; DC). Another OYL attempt for me at DC and an instant "no thanks" - not a fan of Chaykin and the cover really sets the cheeserific tone. All you really see are two very unrealistic, inflatable breasts, dead center, staring back at you. The interior art is a particularly bad match to the story tone. Simonsen's going for a semi-innocent "gee whiz" adventure/horror saga and Chaykin's going for Lara Croft meets Vampirella (which is probably an actual comic, but I don't want to hear about it). I could get past the art if the story was strong enough, but it's just not - it feels like a "choose your own adventure" story. Normally I give new or "new to me" series at least 3 issues, but this is not going to be one of them.

Green Arrow #60 (Winick/McDaniel; DC). It's hard for me to come up with a review that doesn't compare this issue to Ex Machina, and that's unfortunate, because this is incredibly heavy-handed in comparison. It's also not a really fair - Ex Machina is a mystery/political thriller with faint superhero overtones and Green Arrow is a superhero book with faint political overtones. So, attempting to leave that aside, I'm still not overly taken with this issue. Since even I, a reader who does not follow DC news, knew the "surprise" at the end, it struck me as very much a mistake to attempt the non-drama of the ending. There are a few amusing moments (the "message" from Green Arrow to the vigilante) that keep the issue from clunking as hard as it could, but much like my other OYL attempts (Detective Comics, Hawkgirl, Aquaman - I'm on the fence about Birds of Prey), there was not much that felt new/exciting and "wow, I must read this!" Still holding out hope for Checkmate.
Hawkgirl sucked. Batman was alright. Supergirl and the Legion sucked.

I'll read Robin soon.
one thing i don't like about OYL. I've always been a fan of bat-rukens as compared to bat-a-huge-arangs. kinda disappointed they made the move back, but i suppose it makes sense.
Blue Beetle
It was enjoyable. It has lots of potenial.


Action Comics
Interesting. Superboy has a staute next to Superman. Metallo is black. And the ending. :shock:


Green Latern
Not much of a start but not bad.

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Metallo was black? I don't remember that. It was good. I want to see Clark Kent: Green Lantern, only to find out he sucks at it.

Blue Beetle was okay... but only the scenes in the suit. The rest of it was crap.

Green Lantern was boring... good art, only really interested in the Sinestro Corps.

Two Wonder Women OYL?!

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